ALMEC VPI / Planning & Management Consultant

Privacy Policy

We collect information through research, policy making, and planning in such fields as regional development, urban planning, and environmental development, as well as conducts surveys among residents and companies. In addition, as a business operator which conducts meetings and seminars, we recognize our social responsibility to properly manage the personal information of our clients and have established the following policies:

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We collect information through lawful and impartial methods in compliance with company rules and the laws and regulations in Japan.

Collection, Use, and Man of Personal Information

When collecting and using personal information, we explain the purpose and handle personal information appropriately to achieve the specified purpose of the collection. In addition, we take measures regarding the disclosure or unauthorized use of personal information.

Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

We do not provide personal information to any third party, unless the individual agrees in advance, or if it is within the scope of relevant laws and regulations.
Personal information of clients are used to communicate, negotiate, request the execution of contracts, demand for performance, etc. Personal information obtained through questionnaires, surveys, or assignments at work are used for planning. Personal information of applicants for employment are used to communicate with and evaluate the applicants. Personal information of employees are used for labor management, service management, and health management. Personal information captured by surveillance cameras installed in the office are used to ensure safety in the office.

External Handling

We may outsource the handling of personal information to process survey data and information. In such cases, we carefully select firms to do this, conclude contracts with them with specific instructions regarding the handling of personal information, and supervise them.

Security Measures

We also take preventive measures against unauthorized access to personal information, as well as the loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of the same, and promptly do so especially in the event of an emergency. We likewise implement corrective measures.

Complaints and Consultations

We have a contact point for complaints and consultations regarding the handling of personal information and responds appropriately and promptly to such complaints to the extent possible.

Continuous Improvement

To continue to properly secure personal information, we established a management system, besides regularly monitoring its operating status and looking for continuous improvements to it.