ALMEC VPI / Planning & Management Consultant

Corporate Policy

Compliance with Laws

1 Corporate Activities

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We comply with domestic and foreign laws and regulations related to corporate management and carry out fair corporate activities.

Free Competition and Customer Trust

In a fair and free competition, we provide prompt services that meet the needs of society and earn the trust of our customers.

Technical Standards

We strive to maintain and improve our unique technology and quality standards, and contribute to society and our customers as a group of advanced engineers.

Politics and Governance

We strive to maintain a healthy and transparent relationship with politics and governments.

Neutrality and Independence

As a consulting company, we strive to maintain neutrality and independence and have no stake in any company that may jeopardize this.

Trust in Partner Companies

We make every effort to conclude contracts fairly, respect the opinion, and maintain a relationship of trust with partner companies.

Protection and Management of Data and Information

2 Respect for Human Rights and Working Environment


We respect human rights and do not tolerate discrimination or harassment.

Maintaining a Healthy Work Environment and Respecting Individuals

We ensure a healthy, safe, and comfortable work environment; respect the individuality of our personnel; and establish a training system to develop the independent career and capacity of our employees.

3 Harmony with Society

Good Relationship with Society

By actively promoting social good and fulfilling accountability as good corporate citizens, we develop good relationships with shareholders, stakeholders, clients, other interested parties, and local communities. We strive to build a company that is in harmony with society.

Respect for International Norms and Contribution to Global Development

We contribute to the development of countries and regions wherever our work takes us, by complying with the laws of each country, respecting various international norms including human rights, and considering culture, customs, and the interests of our stakeholders.

4 Betterment of the Global Environment

Efforts toTackle Environmental Problems

Recognizing that addressing environmental issues is essential for the future of the environment and the society, we aim to reduce the burden on the global environment and work towards a sustainable society.

5 Corporate Ethics

Management Responsibility

Management takes the initiative in establishing an efficient internal system, promoting education and skills, and thoroughly implementing corporate ethics.

Ethical Breaches

Ethical breaches are dealt with as swiftly as possible to limit the spread of negative consequences and to prevent recurrence. We promptly and accurately disclose information to the public, clarify our responsibilities, and take action against internal and external violators.

Quality Management (ISO 9001)

Almec VPI adheres to ethics and laws and provides high-quality and effective results that accurately capture client needs. Our basic policy is to continuously improve our management system, support our clients, such as aid agencies, governments of developing countries, Japanese government agencies, and private companies, and pursue customer satisfaction and reliability.

Operation of Quality Management System (Overseas Department)

• Establishment and thorough utilization of quality management system

• Thorough dissemination of quality policy and formulation of goals and execution programs

• Continuous improvement of system’s effectiveness and presentation of direction of review

• Human resource development in system operation and improvement

• Appropriate management of information assets and active / creative utilization

Obtained ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management Systems certification (MSA-QS-4702)

Women's Empowerment

In 2021, we formulated an action plan has formulated an action plan for the acquisition of Eruboshi, a company that promotes women's advancement, registering it with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and preparing a two-year action plan for its activities.

Period of the Action Plan

From 1 September 2021 to 31 August 2023 (two years).

Goals and Details of Efforts

We formulated the following action plan so that all our employees can pursue work-life balance, that is, to care for themselves and their families while learning new work skills or demonstrating their abilities.

Goal 1: Actively promote the development of female managers (project leaders) within the target period

Goal 2: Promote a system that can balance childbirth, childcare, and long-term care

Goal 3: Aim to improve the work-life balance of all employees and aim for a paid-leave usage rate of 50%