ALMEC VPI / Planning & Management Consultant

Information Security Policy

We consider all information, including personal information of our employees and every other information we are entrusted with, as assets. We have established policies to protect information assets and have put the outmost priority to ensuring their protection and maintenance.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We have established rules about our information security system that our personnel have to comply with. An information security manager and an information security committee manage the system.

Collection and Management of Information Assets

We collect and strive to protect information about our company, personnel, and clients by fair and appropriate means. Information is disclosed only when cleared by company officials.

Compliance with Policy

In general, all our employees are responsible for maintaining information security. As a company, we implement activities to increase our personnel’s understanding and seek their cooperation. Violations of the security policy is to be dealt with appropriately.

Internal Audit of Security Measures

In order to protect our information assets, we have also established an internal audit system to ensure that the information security system is operating correctly and in accordance with the rules. In addition, internal audits are conducted regularly to determine improvements to the system.

Intellectual Property Preservation

Our intellectual property types, such as patent, copyright, and trademark, or those of our partner companies should not be infringed upon. We likewise do not use illegally software or other types of intellectual property developed by other companies. We strive to honor license contracts of software or the Copyright Act.