ALMEC / Planning & Management Consultant

Overseas Department

01Regional Development Planning

  • Socio-economic Development Plans
  • Regional Industrial Promotion and Development Projects
  • Regional and Cross-border Development Plans
fig. Comprehensive Spatial Plan of Mongolia
Comprehensive Spatial Plan of Mongolia

The roles of local governments and communities have changed remarkably as a result of decentralization and globalization. To address these changes, comprehensive national development strategies, consisting of long-term visions and development scenarios, should be based on a holistic analysis of the social, economic, and environmental situations in both the domestic and international settings, while taking account of distinct historical and cultural nuances. The national development scenario should be integrated with comprehensive spatial planning, covering land use and transportation.
ALMEC has diverse experiences in integrated regional and transportation development planning and, as a result, has amassed valuable historical data and has built trusting relationships with local experts, leaders, and information sources. Thus, ALMEC can fully show its strength in formulating comprehensive national development strategies or master plans. These strategies and plans compile those for all relevant sectors and recommend the characteristics and roles of each sector based on proposed national development scenarios.

Technical Services

  • Socio-economic assessment (incl. social survey, market survey etc.)
  • Environmental planning and historical and cultural analysis
  • Transportation planning
  • Land use planning (incl. GIS analysis of disaster mitigation and environmental protection measures, etc.)
  • Preparation of implementation schemes/ systems (incl. institutional arrangement), capacity enhancement
  • Human resource development for planning, management, and industrial promotion