ALMEC / Planning & Management Consultant

Overseas Department

07International and Regional Transportation Planning

  • National Traffic Plans/Strategies
  • Cross-border Transportation Plans
  • Regional Logistics Plans
fig. Example of a National Transport Framework: VITRANSS 2010
Example of a National Transport Framework: VITRANSS 2010

In recent years, the movement of people and goods across borders has increased, requiring regional transportation services to respond to more diverse needs.
Transportation infrastructure requires large and long-term investments, so there is a need to make comprehensive strategies that can be shared among, and agreed upon by, various stakeholders and interested parties.
In formulating international and regional transportation plans, a wide range of variables has to be considered: Future land structure, political and economic relations with neighboring countries, actual conditions of cross-border transportation, and the ripple effects on regional economies are important aspects to study.

Technical Services

  • National traffic surveys
  • Corridor analyses
  • Cross-border traffic surveys
  • Connectivity analyses
  • Dialogue with donors