ALMEC / Planning & Management Consultant

Overseas Department

02Urban Development Planning

  • Urban Development Master Plans
  • Sustainable Urban Development Strategies
  • Capacity Development for Urban Planning and Management
fig. Roadmap for Sustainable Urban Development in Metro Cebu, Philippines
Roadmap for Sustainable Urban Development in Metro Cebu, Philippines

Cities in developing countries face various problems associated with rapid economic growth and population increase, as well as with the changes in the global economy. As these cities grow, so does their impact on the global environment.
To formulate development strategies for such cities, a holistic approach is necessary and must cover social, economic, and environmental aspects; promote integrated spatial development; and build resilience against global environmental issues.
ALMEC proposes comprehensive development strategies to identify critical issues, mitigate risks resulting from rapid growth, and strengthen the potentials of each city.
ALMEC has significant expertise and management capabilities to apply participatory approaches, such as visioning, consensus building, and public involvement, in urban planning and development.

Technical Services

  • Comprehensive urban diagnosis
  • GIS-based development suitability analysis
  • Household interview surveys
  • Participatory planning
  • Land use planning
  • Urban management assessment, including PPP and land value Capture