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Overseas Department

05Urban Transportation Projects

  • Urban Railway Project Formulation
  • Roads and Bridges Project Formulation
  • Bus Rapid Transit Systems Project Formulation
  • Traffic Safety Project Formulation
  • Public Transportation Terminals Improvement Plans
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Traffic demand forecasting and project evaluation are two of the most important tasks in feasibility studies of large-scale transportation projects. Since urban transportation projects require huge amounts of funds, it is essential to evaluate whether the investments are economically and financially beneficial for the people and the country.
Detailed information and data, such as the people’s time values and the costs of using vehicles, are necessary in cost–benefit analyses of transportation projects.
ALMEC has the know-how of conducting surveys and analyses in developing countries including traffic surveys, demand forecasting, and economic and financial analyses.
In addition, ALMEC provides efficient business development methods, skills, and funding schemes learned from the private sector, and offers proposals to ensure sustainable operation and management after infrastructure opening.

Technical Services

  • Traffic surveys, demand forecasting
  • Organizational development, capacity building
  • Cost-benefit analyses
  • Business profitability studies
  • Options on business establishment (e.g., separation of operations from infrastructure, public-private partnerships)