ALMEC / Planning & Management Consultant

Overseas Department

06Planning and Implementation of Transportation Measures

  • Comprehensive Public Transportation Improvement Measures
  • Traffic Management Project Formulation
  • Traffic Safety Policies
  • Smart Transport Project Formulation
  • Personnel Training and Capacity Building
img. Project Image
top: Road Traffic Safety Action Plan / bottom: Wrap advertising bus promotion

To alleviate urban traffic problems, such as congestion, it is necessary to improve public transportation infrastructure and promote a shift from private vehicles to public transportation through public information.
Even if bus and railway services are provided, the people’s needs should be considered to increase PT ridership such as affordability, safety, comfort, reliability, etc. To respond such a needs, efficient and effective measures on operation and management, bus and rail maintenance, and business management are necessary.
ALMEC has created a cooperation scheme with various actors, including bus and railway operators, traffic police, private vendors. Bus and railway operators can share those specialized skills and know-how in project planning, organization and institution building, planning and implementation of transportation measures.

Technical Services

  • Bus, rail network / operation planning
  • Pilot project implementation
  • Mobility management
  • Establishment of IC card systems
  • Capacity building
  • Traffic safety education, engineering, and enforcement