ALMEC / Planning & Management Consultant

Overseas Department

04Integrated Planning for Urban and Transportation Development

  • Station Area Development
  • Intermodal Transfer Facilities
  • Accessibility Improvement Plans
fig. TOD Image around the station
TOD Image around the station

By applying the transit-oriented development (TOD) concept in developing station areas, it can create compact cities, promote public transportation usage, reduce transportation costs and negative environmental impacts, and generate development opportunities with land value capture.
ALMEC proposes integrated station area development which includes urban and transportation development, institutional arrangements (regulation, organization, finance, etc.), and role sharing among stakeholders.
ALMEC also contributes to comprehensive technical cooperation from planning and policy formulation to project formulation and implementation including planning for intermodal transfer facilities and urban redevelopment projects around the stations.

Technical Services

  • Passenger demand forecasting
  • Opinion surveys among station users
  • Station plaza designs
  • Planning for traffic and pedestrian flows
  • Workshops on station area development