ALMEC / Planning & Management Consultant

Confirmed Leading Projects (Previous)


  • Aug. 2021 Preparatory Study Mission for the Project for Strengthening Capacity of Industrial Wastewater Management in Ulaanbaatar city / JICA
  • Jun. 2021 Orientation on the JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program “Traffic Safety / JICA
  • Jun. 2021 The Project for Enhancing Capacity of Formulation of the Second Mass Rapid Transit Master Plan in Bangkok Metropolitan Region (M-MAP2) / JICA
  • May 2021 Data Collection Survey for Sustainable And Resilient Urban Develpment of Da Nang City / JICA
  • Apr. 2021 Data collection survey on transport infrastructure development in Ulaanbaatar City, Mongolia / JICA
  • Mar. 2021 Data Collection Survey on Development Possibility of New Ulaanbaatar International Airport Satellite City / JICA
  • Mar. 2021 Data Collection Survey for Studying the Current and Proposed Land Use Impact in Greater Cairo Region and its Surrounding Area on the Road and Transportation Planning / JICA
  • Feb. 2021 Project For Improvement of Road Traffic Safety on Trunk Roads in the Kingdom of Cambodia(1st period) / JICA
  • Feb. 2021 Preparatory Study Mission for JABODETABEK Urban Transportation Policy Integration Project Phase 3 in the Republic of Indonesia (JUTPI3) / JICA


  • Dec. 2020 Preparatory Study on Urban Environment Improvement against COVID-19 (CUREIP) / JICA
  • Dec. 2020 Knowledge Co-Creation Program [Comprehensive Urban Transportation Planning] / JICA
  • Dec. 2020 Project for Modernization of Public Urban Transport in the City of Belgrade / JICA
  • Nov. 2020 Preparatory Study on Urban Environment Improvement against COVID-19 (CUREIP) / JICA
  • Nov. 2020 ASEAN-Japan Road Traffic Safety Project / MLIT
  • Nov. 2020 Technical Assistance on Yangon Circular Rail Transit-Orient Development (TOD) Framework and Land Value Capture (LVC) Options around Selected Stations / World Bank
  • Dec. 2020 全世界経済インフラ分野(物流・運輸交通・都市機能・電力)におけるCOVID-19を受けた途上国における民間技術活用可能性に係る情報収集・確認調査 / JICA
  • Dec. 2020 The Project on Capacity Improvement for Road Traffice Safety Institutions and Implementation in Thailand / JICA
  • Dec. 2020 Project for Formulation of Sarajevo Public Transport Management and Operation Capacity Development Plan / JICA
  • Dec. 2020 Study on Vietnam Railway Sector / MLIT
  • Jun. 2020 Study on Implementation of Traffic Safety Plan Contributing to Resolve Local Challenges / Cabinet Office
  • May 2020 Data Collection Survey on Automotive Industry Development / JICA
  • Mar. 2020 Data Collection Survey for Sustainable Transport Devement Strategy in Vietnam / JICA


  • Nov. 2019 Training Seminar for TA and CB for Elderly Care / ADB
  • Nov. 2019 ASEAN-Japan Road Traffic Safety Joint Report / MLIT
  • Sep. 2019 Model Split Study of High Speed Rail and Other Transport Modes in Malaysia-Singapore Corridor / MLIT