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Aiming for Better Mobility and Sustainable Urban Life
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ALMEC Corporation was born in Tokyo in 1971 and has a more than half-century history of providing a wide range of consulting services in planning and designing cities and regions in Japan and in more than 40 countries.
ALMEC’s professional expertise rests on three pillars, that is, comprehensive transportation planning, city and regional development planning, and environmental and social analyses and solutions.
Armed with theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as the local and global perspectives, honed by decades of practice, we stand proud of our achievements in supporting governments and private organizations in their quest for sustainable visions, effective policies, and practical measures for prevailing development issues as well as emerging threats to, and opportunities for, growth.
As we move towards another half century of service, we in ALMEC will keep rising to the challenges presented by new development issues. We are committed to help communities, cities, and countries achieve their potential without sacrificing the future of the next generation.


Oct. 2023 Japan Study Tour for the Project for Urban Mobility Improvement in Kigali (UMIK)
Sep. 2023 Participated in the 15th International Conference of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies (EASTS)
Jul. 2023 1st Joint Coordination Committee of the Project for Establishing an Eco-friendly Transportation System in Palau was Held
Jul. 2023 The Opening Ceremony of ATC System Operation (BATCP)
Jul. 2023 Pilot Project on Public Transport Improvement in Kigali City, Rwanda
Jun. 2023 Road Safety Seminar "Toward Zero Drunk Driving Society in Vietnam" Held in Hanoi
Jun. 2023 Dr. IWATA, Chairman of ALMEC Provides Keynote Speech at 35th Anniversary of the HCMC University of Transport
May 2023 Tetsuo Kidokoro, Senior Consultant, was Awarded the International Contribution Award from the Institute of City Planning of Japan
May 2023 Updated List of Achievements 2023
Apr. 2023 Publicity Panels on Cooperation between Belgrade and Japan in the Field of Public Transportation were Exhibited in Belgrade
Apr. 2023 Conducted the First Japan Study Tour for the JICA M-MAP2 Project in Thailand
Apr. 2023 Experienced Traffic Congestion in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire
Feb. 2023 Traffic situation in Brunei
Feb. 2023 Conduct of Household Interview Survey along Pre-opening MRT Line 6 in Dhaka